10. Select the Route and Season very carefully

There are seven established routes to the summit, but most climbers choose amongst 3. The Rongai route requires six to seven days and approaches the mountain from the east. Compared to the other two, this route lacks the scenic aspect. The Machame Route charges up the southern flank of the peak in six to seven days and has fantastic views of the mountain. The Lemosho Route is a scenic journey up the extended western ridge of the mountain and fairly new, lasting from seven to nine days and has a higher achievement price. Try to remember, fewer than half the climbers who try a 5-day ascent effectively make the summit, so pick out wisely.

There are two rainy seasons on Kilimanjaro – March via to finish of Could and November via to February. The south is wetter than the northern slopes, producing the Rongai route a favourite for the duration of the rainy months. Commonly rain is significantly less prevalent above three,000m, which signifies you are only probably to knowledge rain on Day 1. You may well, nonetheless, knowledge snow and sleet on the upper reaches of the mountain

9. Select operator offering private toilet tent

Usually pick out a tour operator who offers you with a zippered, waterproof, and transportable bathroom tent – a comfort that people today do not comprehend how crucial it is till they camp on the mountain. Possessing a private group toilet can often make or break your knowledge. Otherwise, you are stuck with the scant shelter of volcanic outcroppings, and the old hole-in-the-floor wooden outhouses that are scattered about each and every trail camp.

8. Weigh your bags

The common rule on the mountain is that no porter really should have a load of additional than 15 kg (33 pounds) per porter. It really is a rule strictly enforced. Your bags will place on a scale when you arrive and on each and every time the porter leaves the camp on the mountain. For that reason, pack effectively and light and your bag really should not be additional than 15kgs or you will have to spend for an further porter. The rule is in force to defend the porters from getting forced to carry also a lot. Your every day usables, camera, and so forth, can be carried in your day bag. Attempt to preserve the day bag below 5kgs. Most operators will offer you with a list of products to pack with you for the trek, you would be smart to stick to their advise.

7. Fitness

You do not have to be “super match” to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Of course, possessing a fantastic level of overall health and fitness is crucial but you do not will need to be an seasoned ultramarathon runner to climb it. In truth, quite a few match people today struggle to attain the summit simply because they exert themselves also a lot for the duration of the early stages of the trek and for that reason do not give themselves adequate time to acclimatize for the duration of the ascent. On Kilimanjaro, you will be trekking approx. five-7 hours a day (summit day is a lot longer). Preparing for these treks via practice hikes in your property nation is a terrific way to create up your fitness level or via cardiovascular workout routines at the fitness center, such as operating and cycling. Only the summit day will definitely test your fitness – each physical and mental.

6. Take time to acclimatize

Acclimatizing effectively to the mountain and the higher altitude is like finding a crucial to the door. “Pole pole” (pronounced po-lay po-lay) is a Swahili phrase which means “gradually gradually,” and you will hear these words repeated all through your journey. You will be fairly shocked with the slow pace set by the guides but Slow and steady really should be your mantra on the mountain.

It is normally smart to add an further day to the climb and pick out a route which follows the 'walk higher, sleep low' formula. If you climb also quick and exert oneself at higher altitude, then your physique will have difficulty in adjusting to the thin air and low oxygen top to altitude sickness.

5. Water on Kilimanjaro

Water is important on the mountain and aids with the acclimatization. Each and every day you will be provided two-three litres from your guides and you really should aim to finish it by the time you attain your camp. Dehydration is a crucial trigger of AMS so make confident you stay hydrated. Not getting effectively hydrated will also outcome in headaches, some thing you do not want on the final day. So hydrate up!

You really should almost certainly obtain some flavoring or power tablets to your water to make it additional palatable.

4. Respect the mountain

Never ever take the mountain lightly. The stroll up the mountain is demanding and at higher altitude, it gets even additional tricky. Never neglect you are climbing from virtually sea level to 5900m above sea level. This is the highest no cost standing mountain in the planet!! It calls for determination and work to get to the best and across the exposed mountainside, you may well encounter wind, rain, snow, and scorching sun. Guided tours make for a safer trek, but this is nonetheless a difficult endeavour that is not to be taken lightly. Only about 60 % of climbers are capable to effectively summit the peak. Hold that in thoughts when you are preparing for the trek, as this will enable make sure that you are one particular of them.

3. Kilimanjaro Guides and Porters

The Kilimanjaro guides and porters are your greatest asset on the mountain. Most guides and porters are locals who speak Swahili. The Guides ordinarily have a fantastic command of the English language, so communication really should not be an concern. Commonly, each and every climbing group has at least 1 guide, and each and every climber has 3 porters. Porters carry all gear, tents, cooking supplies and water. More than the course of your climb, you will find out to respect these guys – each and every porter carries approx. 15 kg of kit on their back and nonetheless comfortably “overtake” you each and every day!!

Hold at least USD 250-300 per individual in the group for the strategies to guides, kitchen crew and porters. Superior corporations have a protocol and tipping ceremony on the final day of camping.

2. Determination

Acquiring to the best of Mount Kilimanjaro has a lot to do with determination. There will probably be a point for the duration of the summit try exactly where you could really feel like providing up – normally about Stella Point or Gilman's Point. You could be feeling awfully sick and/or exhausted. At that lowest point, it is crucial that you stay determined to get to the best – one particular step at a time! Nevertheless, your determination ought to not supersede your overall health. Monitor AMS symptoms closely and speak to your Guides if you really feel some thing is incorrect. Additional generally than not, these can be effortlessly resolved, but ONLY if you communicate it to your Guides.

1. Take pleasure in the knowledge!

It is not each and every day that you get time to get away from the rigmaroles of your every day life. Even if it is only for a week, as soon as you are on the mountain you are no cost and alone with nature.