At the mention of trigger finger release most people today have a tendency to picture it has anything to do with actual guns. On the other hand, “trigger finger” or “trigger thumb” is truly the typical name for a hand situation technically recognized as stenosing tenosynovitis, which tends to make it challenging for a particular person to move and extend a single or much more fingers.

When a particular person suffers from this situation they will ordinarily really feel a pop as they attempt to straighten the impacted finger(s). Immediately after the initial pop, they will really feel their finger lastly straighten quickly. These symptoms are at times accompanied by discomfort and tenderness when attempting to move the impacted finger(s).


If you happen to be questioning what specifically is the trigger of trigger finger, you very first have to have to recognize some important elements about the anatomy of the hand.

The structures that make it doable for you to move your fingers are named tendons. Tendons are tissue that connects your muscle tissues to the bone, and when tendons pull on your bones this causes your fingers to move. The tendons that move your fingers particularly are named flexor tendons and they are attached to muscle tissues in your forearms as effectively as to the bones of your fingers. Your flexor tendons pass via a little tunnel named the tendon sheath, which keeps your tendons attached to your finger bones.

The situations that are the trigger of trigger finger outcome when the flexor tendon of a single or much more of your fingers gets inflamed or thickens and nodules commence forming on it. This leads to your flexor tendons to get stuck though passing via the tendon sheath as you attempt to straighten your finger.

This hand difficulty is normally created immediately after an injury to the hand or forearm, of immediately after a period of heavy hand use.


As talked about above, the key symptom of this hand situation is the locking and popping of the impacted fingers when attempting to straighten them, as effectively as a sensation of the finger “shooting out” immediately after the initial pop when the finger lastly straightens.

Other symptoms involve:

  • Discomfort in the back of the impacted knuckle
  • Hand discomfort and swelling in the morning
  • Painful clicking or locking with the movement of impacted fingers
  • A tender lump in the palm of the hand
  • In extreme circumstances, the impacted fingers will not straighten out at all, even with aid


The target for all remedies for trigger finger is to get rid of the locking of the tendon as they pass via the tendon sheath and permit for complete movement of the impacted finger(s) or thumb.

The most typical remedies can be divided into two categories: surgical and non-surgical.

Non-Surgical Treatment options for Trigger Finger

  • Wearing a splint.
  • Taking anti-inflammatory medication.
  • Stopping activities the induce swelling of the region.
  • Steroid injections: it is normally encouraged that a educated doctor give steroid injections.

Trigger Finger Release

  • This sort of surgery is normally outpatient and minimally invasive simply because it is accomplished via a little incision in the palm of the hand.
  • In the course of a trigger finger release surgery, a educated hand surgeon will widen the opening of the tendon sheath so that the flexor tendons can slide conveniently.
  • This sort of surgery has a 98% accomplishment price.

A educated hand specialist ought to be consulted to adequately diagnose and advocate a course of therapy for your hand complications.