The planetary positions in a horoscope clearly indicate the nature of the illness one particular would endure from, the time and the result in of physical suffering can be previously ascertained and an suitable remedy can be produced to minimise the malefic impacts.

Elements Accountable For Stomach Ailments

· Sun: fever, bile, Sun causes physical issues and these arising from Heat.

· Moon: stomach, fluidic and lymphatic systems, diabetes, anaemia

· Mars: inflammatory, bile, gall bladder, boils, burns, tumours, causes inflammatory issues.

· Jupiter: absorptive program, diabetes, jaundice, stomach troubles, abscesses.

· Saturn: denotes chronic complaints, stomach troubles, gastric difficulties, distinct types of cancers, tumours

· Rahu [dragon head]: ailments of spleen, ulcer, ailments tough to be diagnosed

· Ketu [dragon tail]: stomach troubles, pains, ailments from unknown causes, wounds

· Mercury: abdomen, bowels, bile

· Virgo/6th home: intestinal and digestive organs, abdominal ailments, solar plexus and bowels

· Scorpio/8th home: excretory program and bladder

Various Combinations for Stomach Difficulties

Constipation and Flatulent dyspepsia [gastric problem]

· Sun, Moon and Mars in 6th, indicates gastric difficulties.

· Ascendant is Capricorn/Aquarius, waning Moon and a malefic placed in it.

· Waning Moon and a malefic placed in 6th/8th

· Moon and a malefic posited in 6th and aspected by a malefic

· Ascendant is aspected by Mars and Venus, and a malefic planet posited in 6th and becoming aspected by a malefic planet provides the issue of chronic constipation

Dyspepsia and anorexia [impaired function of digestive system]

· 8th lord is weak, malefic planets posited in ascendant and 8th indicates weak digestive program

· Mars in ascendant and 6th lord is weak

· Lords of 6th and 12th exchange their homes

Diarrhoea and Dysentery

· Jupiter in Virgo/6th, becoming afflicted

· Venus in 7th with a malefic and aspected by a malefic, causes dysentery and diarrhoea to the native

· Jupiter and Moon in 6th,in their period and sub period there could be possibilities of getting the difficulties of diarrhoea and dysentery


· Sun in 6th, aspected by a malefic and lord of 6th is with malefic possibilities of getting acidity increases

· Sun in 8th, a malefic in 2nd and the Mars is weak provides the issue of acidity

· Lord of ascendant and mercury are posited in 6th

Peptic ulcer

· Mars in 7th with a malefic and aspected by a malefic provides the issue of peptic ulcers

· Moon is with a malefic is becoming placed in 6th, aspected by a malefic and Mars is placed in 7th native could endure from peptic ulcer


· 12th and 6th lords exchange every single other homes, the native could endure from colitis in addition to stomach discomfort

Cancer of abdomen

· 5th home afflicted by Saturn and Rahu provides the issue of stomach cancer

· 6th/8th/12th lord, aspect by Saturn and Rahu give really serious ailments like cancer in that portion of physique in which the lords are posited. Like 6th lord posited in 5th home aspect by Saturn and Rahu could give stomach cancer.

· Saturn and Mars posited in 6th, aspected by the Sun/Rahu, getting weak ascendant, the native could endure from prolong stomach issue could resulting in cancer

Ascitis [abdominal dropsy]

· Saturn in Cancer sign and Moon in Capricorn, provides the issue of stomach dropsy

Fistula and piles

· Jupiter is with the lord of 6th/8th and placed in 7th/8th home, provides the issue of fistula and piles

· Ascendant and Mars are in Virgo and related/aspected by Mercury the illness of fistula arises

· Lord of ascendant aspected by Mars, provides the issue of piles

· Saturn is placed in ascendant and Mars in 7th, the native could endure from piles.


· Saturn/Jupiter becoming lord of 6th, placed in 4th, the native could have vomiting tendencies.

· Waning Moon and a malefic placed in 6th/8th indicates vomiting tendencies