My niece loves Indian films and Indian film music. To her, as to most of the planet, this exuberant, colorful, romantic and just-plain-enjoyable genre is summed up in one particular word: Bollywood.

I confess that I've develop into taken with Bollywood as effectively, even though not to the very same extent as my niece, who owns a quantity of Indian films and on a regular basis rents other folks. The Bollywood effectively is so deep that I have to confine myself to watching these handful of of its productions that bubble up to catch the interest of American film reviewers. Otherwise I would be lost in Indian ocean of unfamiliar film titles, actors and actresses.

My niece also collects CDs of Bollywood music. There is an Asian market place close to her residence that gives a cornucopia of them. But she has the very same dilemma deciding on CDs to obtain that I do deciding which Bollywood film may well be worth my time. Unless she's observed the film from which a soundtrack derives, she's normally in the dark as to no matter whether a unique CD's songs and artists are ones she will appreciate.

At her request, I set up a way for her to preview a selection of Bollywood songs and even to reside with them on her iPod for a when, all for totally free. This way she can make informed choices about which CDs she in the end purchases.

Initial, I searched for Indian music Internet web sites, and particularly for these devoted to Bollywood, or at least modern day common music (as opposed, say, to classical Indian ragas). I discovered a number of excellent ones, with names such as Bollywood Planet and India FM.

Most of the Internet web sites I discovered provided song samples, which means 30-second or 1-minute snippets. Some had complete audio streams that permitted the visitor to listen to continuous Bollywood music for as extended as she or he may possibly want. It was these latter that offered the 1st half of our resolution.

Commonly, streaming audio, such as what you hear more than an World-wide-web radio station, can not be saved or downloaded. New software program, even though, tends to make it attainable to record the stream to your tough drive for replaying as generally as you like.

Even greater, some of the newest audio capture software program incorporates some thing referred to as an mp3 splitter. This software program is in a position to break the audio stream into separate mp3 song files. By the way, this is completely legal, for the reason that you are merely recording a broadcast, the very same as when you record a Television show on your VHS. Voila — we had the second half of our resolution.

Amongst the audio streams and splitter/recording software program, we made our personal virtual Bollywood mp3 download web sites.

Now anytime my niece is in a mood to discover the most recent tuneful offerings from Bollywood, she clicks on her favourite Indian-music World-wide-web radio station, then begins the recording software program. Quite quickly she has adequate Bollywood mp3s to shuffle via for the rest of the week, and she's practically assured to uncover two or 3 that will spur her to make a trip to the CD bin down at the Asian retailer.