Our sticky arsenal of model glue contains glues or adhesives for each and every have to have. There are two sorts of glue that we suggest for wood to wood bonding. Wood glue from either Titebond or Elmers (our preference is Titebond due to the fact it is a bit thicker and consequently much easier to operate with than Elmers) and speak to cement from LePages.

The benefit of wood glue is that it is water primarily based and therefore types a correct bond inside the cellular structure of the wood. Also due to the fact it is water primarily based, you can very easily un-adhere two pieces by applying water. The disadvantage is that it is slow drying so you have to have to use clamps unless you have a lot of time on your hands. With speak to cement, there is a bit of an art to utilizing it. You do have to know how to operate with this glue due to the fact after the pieces are bonded collectively, that is it – they are stuck for life.

For in contrast to supplies such as metal to wood, cyanoacrylate (CA or super glue) or epoxy is suggested. CA glue comes in 3 versions ranging from immediate adhesion to adhesion in about one particular minute. The longer setting glue is also recognized as gap filling glue. There are solutions that accelerate bonding or de-bonding producing this glue pretty effortless to use. The disadvantage with CA glue is that there is no correct bonding that happens amongst the supplies. There is also a possible wellness concern due to the solvents if you use this glue in quantity more than a prolonged period of time.

There is a third adhesive we use referred to as hypo cement. We use this glue for binding of knots when rigging the model. It is pretty slow drying but the benefit is that there is no shiny residue when it dries so you cannot see it on your operate. It is also a soft glue that does not dry stiff. This leaves a all-natural hunting finish to your rigging.


Finishes of ship models variety from the all-natural wood appear, stained or painted. This is all a matter of either private decision or historical accuracy.

If you want the all-natural wood appear, we suggest a spar semi gloss transparent urethane finish from Helmsman. Diluted 30% for the initial two coats then complete strength for the third coat, this finish will bring out the all-natural grain of the wood you are utilizing.

Some builders choose staining some or all of the wood. Staining can give a wealthy old planet appear to your model.

Some modelers choose enamel paints, other individuals choose acrylic paints and each sorts of paint have robust supporters. Which variety of paint you use is a matter of private decision. Enamel paints typically present a tougher finish and a greater gloss, although acrylic paints dry considerably more quickly and are normally water-soluble, which tends to make them much easier to clean up. All model paints, regardless of variety, will have to be thinned for airbrushing. If you want to experiment, attempt utilizing oil primarily based paints specifically if you are creating a model of antiquity like a Viking ship. This paint will give a effectively aged appear to your operate. Cast Your Anchor has a wide variety of model paints in the paint colors that you are hunting for. We also have a excellent line of paint brushes and other paint accessories.

Lastly, plating of metal components can add a realistic patina to your operate. There are plating options accessible to blacken vibrant metals like brass, or a answer to apply more than copper to give it that greenish patina. There is even a item accessible to give wood an aged appear with out staining or painting.

Some builders choose the all-natural appear and other individuals the stained appear. The decision is yours but try to remember we’re right here to provide guidance and all the finishing supplies you have to have!