The planetary positions in a horoscope Evidently suggest the character of your health issues 1 unique would endure from, enough time and the result in of Actual physical struggling is usually previously ascertained and an acceptable solution is often developed to minimise the malefic impacts.

Things Accountable For Stomach Ailments

· Sunshine: fever, bile, Sunlight triggers physical troubles and these arising from Heat.

· Moon: abdomen, fluidic and lymphatic devices, diabetes, anaemia

· Mars: inflammatory, bile, gall bladder, boils, burns, tumours, triggers inflammatory difficulties.

· Jupiter: absorptive program, diabetic issues, jaundice, tummy difficulties, abscesses.

· Saturn: denotes Long-term issues, abdomen difficulties, gastric challenges, distinct different types of cancers, tumours

· Rahu [dragon head]: ailments of spleen, ulcer, ailments rough to get diagnosed

· Ketu [dragon tail]: abdomen problems, pains, ailments from unidentified brings about, wounds

· Mercury: abdomen, bowels, bile

· Virgo/6th residence: intestinal and digestive organs, abdominal ailments, solar plexus and bowels

· Scorpio/8th household: excretory program and bladder

Numerous Mixtures for Abdomen Complications

Constipation and Flatulent dyspepsia [gastric issue]

· Sun, Moon and Mars in sixth, indicates gastric complications.

· Ascendant is Capricorn/Aquarius, waning Moon plus a malefic put in it.

· Waning Moon and also a malefic positioned in sixth/8th

· Moon and also a malefic posited in 6th and aspected by a malefic

· Ascendant is aspected by Mars and Venus, and a malefic planet posited in 6th and turning out to be aspected by a malefic World delivers The problem of Continual constipation

Dyspepsia and anorexia [impaired function of digestive method]

· 8th lord is weak, malefic planets posited in ascendant and 8th suggests weak digestive software

· Mars in ascendant and 6th lord is weak

· Lords of sixth and twelfth exchange their residences

Diarrhoea and Dysentery

· Jupiter in Virgo/sixth, turning out to be troubled

· Venus in seventh with a malefic and aspected by a malefic, leads to dysentery and diarrhoea to your native

· Jupiter and Moon in 6th,of their period of time and sub time period there can be options of getting the troubles of diarrhoea and dysentery


· Solar in sixth, aspected by a malefic and lord of sixth is with malefic possibilities of obtaining acidity improves

· Sunlight in 8th, a malefic in 2nd as well as the Mars is weak presents The problem of acidity

· Lord of ascendant and mercury are posited in sixth

Peptic ulcer

· Mars in 7th with a malefic and aspected by a malefic supplies The difficulty of peptic ulcers

· Moon is having a malefic is now put in sixth, aspected by a malefic and Mars is positioned in seventh native could endure from peptic ulcer


· 12th and sixth lords exchange each other households, the native could endure from colitis Together with stomach discomfort

Most cancers of abdomen

· fifth household troubled by Saturn and Rahu provides The problem of abdomen most cancers

· 6th/8th/twelfth lord, element by Saturn and Rahu give really severe ailments like most cancers in that part of physique through which the lords are posited. Like sixth lord posited in 5th property factor by Saturn and Rahu could give stomach most cancers.

· Saturn and Mars posited in 6th, aspected through the Sunlight/Rahu, having weak ascendant, the native could endure from extend stomach concern could leading to cancer

Ascitis [abdominal dropsy]

· Saturn in Most cancers indication and Moon in Capricorn, delivers The difficulty of stomach dropsy

Fistula and piles

· Jupiter is With all the lord of sixth/8th and positioned in seventh/8th household, supplies The difficulty of fistula and piles

· Ascendant and Mars are in Virgo and associated/aspected by Mercury the sickness of fistula occurs

· Lord of ascendant aspected by Mars, delivers The problem of piles

· Saturn is placed in ascendant and Mars in seventh, the native could endure from piles.


· Saturn/Jupiter becoming lord of sixth, positioned in 4th, the indigenous could have vomiting tendencies.

· Waning Moon and also a malefic placed in 6th/8th signifies vomiting tendencies